Kiah Academy For Teams

A Scalable Training Solution for Public Sector Teams



Our platform delivers unique scalable training to large or geographically dispersed teams.

Kiah Academy For Teams is:


At a price that allows an entire team
to participate.


Create a program for your needs,
accessible to widely distributed
and ‘work from home’ teams.


Gives you visibility of participation,
progress and completion rates.

Enhancing public service delivery by boosting the capability of people & teams

Teach them, to fish and they will feed themselves.

Better individual capability delivers better team outcomes. Give your people the tools with which to adapt and drive delivery, not processes that simply control activity.

Kiah Academy shares a proven set of skills, tools, and best practice specifically designed to improve the delivery of public services. 

Jim Thompson

"Kiah training has always been great but I was surprised to find that the blended virtual training format was actually better than a similar face to face program. Sharper focus, more participant engagement and no feelings of awkwardness."

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