The art and science of problem solving

with Julie Kingston

‘If solving problems was easy there would be no problems to solve’

Even before COVID-19, the 4th Industrial Revolution was requiring corporations and governments to adapt. Complex problem solving skills enable the workforce to solve novel, ill-defined problems in complex, real-world settings.

In this three hour session, learn a problem solving framework that ensures you are solving the right problem and identifying solutions that will generate the right effects in ways that may not previously have been explored.

Solve problems in ways that won’t create more problems for you tomorrow.

FORMAT:  Kiah Academy virtual classroom
PRICE:  $375 - inc GST
DURATION:  3 hrs online
TIME: 1.30pm - 4.30pm
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DATES:  Tuesday 11 August 2020
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Live and interactive

Designed for participation and interaction this virtual classroom will keep you busy and active. Remember to turn your web camera on.

Online resources

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What you'll learn

Learning Outcomes

This will be an interactive session that will:

  • An understanding of the difference between problem solving and decision making
  • An overview of the different types of problems and the impact this has on the problem-solving process
  • An introduction to an agile problem-solving process

How we'll do it

We use Zoom or MS Teams to facilitate our conversations and Miro or Google Docs for collaboration and idea sharing. Don't worry these won't cost you a thing!

We'll send you an email link to the event 15 minutes before it starts. Simply click on the link.


Isaac Reilly 

Isaac has diverse range of professional and academic experience; from working in the national security space to delivering cultural change in the mining sector. This diversity enables him to take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex problems and equips him with the ability to communicate complexity in clear and simple terms. He has a particular interest in the practical application of cognitive science to organisational behaviour and applying Systems Thinking to complex public policy issues. 

Having worked in the National Security community for more than 13 years Isaac has considerable experience managing programs of work and solving complex problems across a diverse range of geopolitical and sociocultural subject areas. Possessing advanced interpersonal, analytical and communication skills, Isaac is adept at engaging with a wide and varied array of individuals and creating strong and enduring relationships.