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Learn the skills for today, wherever your workplace may be via our online and facilitated courses.

Gain valuable skills and experience with practical tools from our specialist consultants as you collaborate with your peers in the public service.

Insights into negotiations

A series of programs designed to assist with public-private commercial and policy  negotiations.


Managing in
the middle

Tools to assist those balancing life sandwiched between process and strategy.

Public service

Kiah Academy's courses are designed and delivered by professionals who work alongside the public sector.

Learn from our expert facilitators as they share proven commercial skills, tools, and best practice specifically designed to improve the delivery of public services.

Live, interactive,
and engaging

Our Live Events offer practical experiences, simulations and exercises that encourage interaction and engagement between attendees and the facilitator.

Gain experience using some of the best interactive and collaborative tools as you learn from our specialist facilitators alongside your public service colleagues.

Affordable, convenient, scalable

Kiah Academy can be accessed from  wherever the workplace is, and deliverable to one person or a thousand.

Accessible options from face to face, self paced online and virtual delivery.

Individuals can enrol in multiple courses, complete them at a convenient time, or we can manage organisational wide delivery for you.

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Insights into Negotiation

We negotiate - commercially, in our teams, within our organisations, and between organisations.

We negotiate to further our interests - when negotiation is likely to deliver better outcomes than the alternatives.

This series of programs explores the principles of negotiation and offers modules that explore its application for multiple purposes - from the simple to most complex and strategic - with specific application to the public sector.

Managing in the Middle

The middle is a hard place to be. There is a lot of advice on strategy and leadership – which is focussed at the executive. Processes and procedures tell staff how to do their job. But what if you are in the middle?

Practical tools for those charged with "getting it done". Neither strategic hand waving or procedural process - but tools to assist individuals and teams to deliver. Immediately useful, highly practical, bite sized sessions delivered by practitioners, not theorists or trainers.

This series of programs is designed to rapidly assist middle managers to deliver better outcomes by providing immediately useful and highly practical tools.

Access Series Library
Access Series Library

Kiah Academy: A scalable training solution for public service teams

Training large, dispersed groups can be costly and challenging. High cost and off-site training delivery simply isn’t scalable for large or distributed teams, or in the current environment.

That's where Kiah Academy comes in ...

Our training platform offers a scalable training solution for large or dispersed teams. Kiah Academy is:

  • Affordable - Enrol a whole team in a course or enrol individuals in multiple courses. 
  • Flexible - Our courses are delivered online, meaning individual team members can join from any location - no travel required.
  • Measurable - Easily monitor and measure the progress of your team members training program via our progress reports.

Easily enrol your people into a series of courses and let them complete them at a time and a location that is convenient for them. 


Learn About Kiah Academy For Teams

Learn About Kiah Academy

Kiah Consulting has been delivering training to our clients since we started. We have also been working virtually with distributed teams and clients for just as long.

We wanted a way of combining the best experiences and practices of both these in-person and virtual sessions into the one offering.

That's when Kiah Academy came to life...

The Academy offers both independent and live event learning sessions as well as self-paced independent courses. You'll be surprised by how interactive and engaging our live event sessions are. In some ways, they're even better than a face to face session.


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"Kiah training has always been great but I was surprised to find that the blended virtual training format was actually better than a similar face to face program. Sharper focus, more participant engagement and no feelings of awkwardness."


Jim Thompson


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You'll be amazed at how interactive and engaging our live event sessions are.

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